Cellphone dictate our world

In a Belgium paper I read online a article about how our mobile phone dictate our lives.

An American photographer, Eric Pickersgill, created a project, called Removed Social. This project started in a small place at in the U.S.A, named Troy. In a café Eric Pickersgill saw a mother and two daughters looking continue at their cell phones.

 "The image of that family, the mother’s face, the teenage girls’ and their father’s posture and focus on the palm of their own hands has been burned in my mind. It was one of those moments where you see something so amazingly common that it startles you into consciousness of what’s actually happening and it is impossible to forget.", writes Eric Pickersgill at the website of Removed Social.

The idea of taking photos of people using invisible cell phones was born. Eric Pickersgill took the next pictures. It shows how we (included myself) daily addicted to our cell phone. When you at a Monday for example travel by train, I guess that during of the journey of 100 people there will be 95 who is daily looking at their cell phone.  People doesn't no longer the enjoy of talking with other passengers or looking outside into the landscape.

©Eric Pickersgill and published at www.removed.social
©Eric Pickersgill and published at www.removed.social

35 years ago we have no cell phones, no Internet, no fast computers etc. 

Yesterday I talked by phone one of my customers for whom I take care his insurances. He said to me, that he has been orderd by his boss to use a new cell phone with all possibilities (f.e. Whats App), because the rest of his collegues daily use f.e. Whats App to send messages about his work. He told me that he needed no complicated phone for only for to be called and sending and receiving textmessages. He fully has right.

Also earlier the week, the Dutch Secretary of Finance dictated that starting from November 1, 2015 the Dutch Tax Authorities will send their letters that much digital. In 5 years every tax payer must have created a digital Governement's letterbox, because nowatodays the Dutch Tax Authorities is send more than 70,000,000 letters a year. At the question "When somebody has no computer for reveicing the digital letter of the Dutch Tax Authorities? the Secretary of Finance answered: "We will help them to receive their Tax Bill digital."

As a citizen of this Earth you has be forced to do everything digital. That's one of the reasons why often you read online or in a paper that people dies in their home without knowing that these people died for a long time. Last year, a woman in the city of Rotterdam was lying dead for 10 years in her home before the police discovered her body.

For this reason, I will send as soon as possible a message to a volunteers-organization that I will help elder people so that they will never been alone. 



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